Chateau Angelus 大金鐘 2015

Chateau Angelus 大金鐘 2015

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WA (Robert Parker's Wine Advocate) : 97 points

JS (James Suckling) : 99 points

 Region : Saint Emillion

 Description/Tasting Notes :

Chateau Angélus 2015 is a deep garnet-purple red that starts off a bit closed, but soon develops a wonderful aroma of raspberry preserves, ripe dark plums and chocolate-covered cherries with hints of incense, sage , violets and tobacco. Full-bodied and extremely rich on the palate, with mouth-watering layers of black and red fruit, plenty of floral aromas and an alluring velvety texture, with super silky tannins. Tasting is a pleasure. The finish is long and full of tension.

 Chateau Angélus 2015 呈深石榴紫紅色,剛開始時有點封閉,但很快就會綻放出一種美妙的覆盆子蜜餞、成熟的黑李子和巧克力覆蓋的櫻桃香氣,並帶有一絲熏香、鼠尾草、紫羅蘭和煙草的味道。酒體飽滿,口感極其豐富,散發出令人垂涎的黑色和紅色水果層,大量的花香和誘人的天鵝絨般的質地,超級柔滑的單寧。品嚐是一種享受。餘味悠長且張力十足。

 Chateau Angélus 2015 呈深石榴紫红色,刚开始时有点封闭,但很快就会绽放出一种美妙的覆盆子蜜饯、成熟的黑李子和巧克力覆盖的樱桃香气,并带有一丝熏香、鼠尾草、紫罗兰和烟草的味道。酒体饱满,口感极其丰富,散发出令人垂涎的黑色和红色水果层,大量的花香和诱人的天鹅绒般的质地,超级柔滑的单宁。品尝是一种享受。余味悠长且张力十足

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