Chateau Potensac 波坦薩 2015

Chateau Potensac 波坦薩 2015

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WA (Robert Parker's Wine Advocate) : 89-91 points

WS (Wine Spectator) : 90-93 points

Region : Medoc

 Description/Tasting Notes :

Chateau Potensac 2015 is an understated style with a warm, beautiful and concentrated sweet ripe aroma of small black cherries, black currant and crushed strawberries. Medium bodied with firm tannins, intense minerality and citrus flavours. Enjoy it in 2021-2032.

 Chateau Potensac 2015 是一種風格樸素,帶有溫暖、漂亮而集中的小黑櫻桃、黑醋栗和碎草莓的甜美成熟香氣。中等酒體,單寧結實,帶有濃郁的礦物質味和柑橘的風格。可以在2021 - 2032 年享受它。

 Chateau Potensac 2015 是一种风格朴素,带有温暖、漂亮而集中的小黑樱桃、黑醋栗和碎草莓的甜美成熟香气。中等酒体,单宁结实,带有浓郁的矿物质味和柑橘的风格。可以在2021 - 2032 年享受它

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